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Upen Chaudhary aka N-DRAZ also known as Laid Back Tripping is not only one of North India’s oldest OG but he is also one of the pioneers of propagating Freestyle Rap Culture amongst the youngsters of North India especially his hometown Dehradun.
His “Live Life, King Size” attitude and High Voltage Vibes keeps all his friends and foes close to him wanting for more. 

N-DRAZ is one of the co-founders of Team Evolution India, a renowned Performing Arts Team with Hip Hop as their major attraction. 
He is also the co-founder of DehraBoom, a Hip Hop community promoting upcoming underground artists and celebrating the culture through Rap sessions, by promoting freestyle rap and other elements, uplifting the Hip Hop community as a whole.

N-DRAZ is famous for his Old school style and ever welcoming nature.
As a homie to evolutioners, he is looked up as a Sage of our Hip Hop community who’s always on the frontline ready to support his brothers.

Juggling between work and life, he keeps his freestyle vibe alive with his jukebox in hand.
You can catch him spitting some fiery bars upon his terrace every Sunday at the Dehraboom Jam Session which starts at 4:20 p.m. sharp.

You can check out his music on Team Evolution India’s YouTube channel or search him by name on the major streaming platforms.
He’s got some real massive tracks rolling up real soon.

Well, in his words,
Long Live Hip Hop.

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